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Are you looking to formally join Our Savior Lutheran Church?

The first step is to complete a membership application. They are available from our church office.

  1. If you are coming to Our Savior Lutheran Church from one of our sister congregations in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, you may become a member by TRANSFER.  After completing the membership application, we will request a transfer of your membership from your present church to Our Savior.  Once your transfer is received, we then require you to attend the class, “Discovering Membership” prior to joining.
  2. If you belong to another Lutheran church body and desire to join this congregation, the process you need to follow is called PROFESSION OF FAITH.  Sadly, there is still a variety of beliefs and understandings among Lutherans.  To erase any possibility of confusion, we ask that those who come from another Lutheran church body attend a class called, “The Lutheran Church Today:  So What’s The Difference”.  Once you have completed this class, we than require you to attend the class, “Discovering Membership” prior to joining.
  3. If you are new to the Christian faith, or are not a Lutheran by background, we ask that you attend the “Foundations of Faith” class.  This course leads participants in discovery of the Bible’s teachings and the main doctrines of the Christian faith.  It includes a lot of questions and answers in a very pleasant, non-threatening way.   Having completed the class, we then require you to attend the class, “Discovering Membership” prior to joining.