Special Announcement – Updated

Each year as part of Vacation Bible School, we collect an offering to help out various mission projects around Minot, North Dakota, and the world.

This year, we are collecting for three very special causes:
1) Coins for Camp help to benefit our North Dakota LCMS camp, Shepherd’s Hill.  Many of our youth have attended camps here, our men’s and women’s ministries use the camp, as do our confirmation and high school youth programs.
2) Bags of Blessings is a local ministry that grew out of one of our small groups this past winter. Their goal is to provide some basis food and toiletries to school-age kids who do without these staples on the weekends.
3) Hope Village is our church’s outreach effort in the city to help rebuild after last summers flood. Through Hope Village, we will help one family whose home was flooded to remind them of Jesus’ love expressed through our children.

For both Coins for Camp and Hope Village  we will be collecting cash donations each evening through Thursday, June 7, 2012 while for Bags of Blessings, we will be collected needed items, which I hope to post to this announcement soon.

Now, to sweeten the deal:
The pastoral staff of OSLC has agreed to be slimed with genuine Nickelodeon Slime if certain goals are reached.
If $500 is donated, Pastor Dan will be slimed Thursday evening at approximately 8:30 when VBS is done.
If $675 is donated, Vicar Ben will be joining Pastor Dan.
If $850 is donated, our newest pastor, Pastor Andy will be joining them.
If $1000 is donated, then not only will Pastor Dan, Vicar Ben, and Pastor Andy be slimed, but a special container of slime will have confetti added and Pastor Krueger will be slimed on his birthday!
(Video will be posted)


As of Tuesday evening, you have raised $1243.08! That’s enough to slim the whole pastoral staff. So….
We are upping the stakes.
If $2000 is donated, Pastor Joel from Shepherd’s Hill will drive down to be slimed in addition to our pastoral staff.
If $2500 is donated, Dave Niess, president of our congregation and drummer for our praise team, will also be slimed.

Your generosity (or is it your desire to slime us) is amazing. I had a feeling that when we were first setting our goals, that they were not God-sized goals. Remember what He has said:

Now to the God who can do so many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, things greater than we ever could ask or imagine through the power at work in us, to Him be all glory in the church and in Jesus the Anointed from this generation to the next, forever and ever. Amen.
(Ephesians 3:20-21 The Voice)

Vacation Bible School

Daniel’s Courage in Captivity! 

It’s the Bible in motion! Your kids will experience the ultimate VBS Bible-times adventure. Remember, Daniel was way more than the guy who survived a den of hungry lions! At Babylon VBS, kids and adults will find that they’re not much different from Daniel and his friends, who kept their faith in a faithless culture.

Come join us for another exciting, fun-filled Vacation Bible School!
Sunday June 3 through Thursday June 7
Meal @ 5:30 PM
Program starts @ 6:00  PM

For more information or to volunteer to help, please talk to Nancy Graham or Pastor Dan.

Mentored by Jesus

Jesus had many followers and 12 disciples, but three of them, Peter, James, and John, were mentored by Jesus. They had special occasions when Jesus took them aside and showed them things the rest did not see. What was Jesus trying to teach them?

And what can we learn from those special times Jesus mentored them as Jesus mentors us today?

Join me for a closer look at Jesus’ special times of mentoring with Peter, James, and John as we also are MENTORED BY JESUS.

listen here  or download Part 1 of Mentored by Jesus 

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listen here or download Part 2 of Mentored by Jesus

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listen here or download Part 3 of Mentored by Jesus

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Join us on Good Friday for a opportunity to remember our Lord’s suffering and death as we give a public reminder to the community through our Crosswalk.

We start at 5:30 pm on Friday, April 6th at Magic City Campus lower west parking lot. Through various station stops, we meditate on Jesus final hours before His death, as we walk with a large cross to Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Then join us for our Good Friday worship at 7:30 pm.

UpComing Youth Events

Help us kick off the New Year right with these different Youth Events.



Grades 1-3 Fun Night

Come join us on Friday, January 6th from 6 to 8 for a night of fun at the church. We will be watching a movie together and then playing games and enjoying some snacks and drinks. Parents – please sign your child(ren) up in the Fellowship Hall so we can plan for numbers. Bring a snack to share (drinks will be provided) and your favorite board game to share in the fun.


Grades 4-6 Lock-In

Join us on Friday the 13th of January for a overnight lock-in. We will be exploring the theme “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” as we look at some Bible accounts and have fun playing games. Sign up in the fellowship hall on the poster so we can plan appropriately. If you have any Nerf guns or swords, bring them along for the fun! Please bring a friend, a snack to share, and $5 to help offset the cost of supplies. Times are Friday 6 p.m. to Saturday 8 a.m.


Grades 10-12 Lock-In

High School Lock-In will be on Friday January 20th, from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Saturday. Bring a friend, a snack to share, and $5 to help offset cost of supplies, along with any Nerf guns or swords you have.

Bible Class with Pastor Dan

The Bible tells a very adult story of Jesus’ birth.

Social outcasts and Gentiles were honored to be the first witnesses; a powerful king becoming fearful and murderous.

Come explore the story leading up to Jesus’ birth and examine Middle Eastern culture and customs that illuminate the story of the first Christmas.


Join Pastor Dan Sunday Mornings
11:00 AM November 13th to December 18th
as we explore the amazing story of our Lord’s birth
and its implications for today.

It will change the way you view the Christmas story!

“Surprised by Hope” – New Bible Study Starts Sept. 18

Christians normally think of the future in terms of ‘heaven’, but the promised reality is far greater: a new heaven and a new earth, a whole new creation. Once you grasp this biblical vision of God’s future, it will transform your understanding of life in the present.

Get an exciting vision of God’s final new creation and how it can transform your life right now. In six transforming sessions, open your eyes to the full scope of what God’s Word has to say about the world to come and the world that is from one of the world’s top biblical scholars, N. T. Wright.

Join Pastor Dan for this new Bible Study series on Sundays beginning September 18th at 10:00 AM in the Great Room.


Kids 2 Camp

It has been the Board of Youth’s privilege for a second year to sponsor youth from OSLC to attend summer camp at Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads. This program is made possible by the number of hours volunteers put in at the Hostfest and donations by individuals and boards of the congregation. Thank you to all who give to this great program.

Below is the list of who is attending camp (first initial and last names only for privacy reasons). Full list is posted in the church fellowship hall.

KINDER CAMP (6/12-6/13)

DISCOVERY CAMP (6/12-6/14)


CREATION CAMP (6/19-6/24)


GUITAR CAMP (6/26-7/01)





KIDS CAMP (7/17-7/21)

ENCOUNTER CAMP (7/24-7/29)




If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Dan.  And don’t forget to sign up to help at Hostfest this September 28 to October 1 so that we can offer these scholarships again next summer!

Contemporary Christian Music

so yesterday afternoon, i see a twitter feed come in from the david crowder band. they are one of my favorite christian music groups and when i saw their feed, sadness hit. they are announcing their final album and tour :( i am checking to see how close they come to minot (read – not very) to go see their final concert / worship event and would be curious if anyone else would like to join crystal and i for a road trip to billings or minneapolis?

i think we are blessed here in minot to have two great christian radio stations – klove and kheart – that allow good positive music Christian music into our homes, cars, and offices. for me i have found that when i am listening to music that focuses on God and his love for us in Jesus, i am more focused on him. it helps my attitude be more positive and less likely to get angry at other drivers or my children.

i really think it is one of those “garbage in, garbage out” sort of things. its not that other music is garbage but that their message can place thoughts in my head or encourage activities that are not in line with the Christian faith. when those messages are going in, they also start flowing out. Jesus said that it was not what went into a person that made him unclean, but what came out of him that detestable in the eyes of God. if i put in ideas about drinking and womanizing and lying or cheating or fill in the blank then those ideas take seed in me and start to flow out – or as eugene peterson puts it in The Message translation, they “vomit” out in my life.

but if i am filling my ears with songs of praise as Paul encourages in Ephesians 5:19 then those sorts of godly things will come flowing out in my words and actions as well. it’s hard to become angry when hearing about God setting aside his anger towards sin by sending Jesus for us. it’s hard to have a wandering eye when you hear songs about being careful what your eye sees. by putting good things in through the media we consume (not just music, but TV, movies, internet) it is more likely that good things will come out of us.

i need to run, but as i leave, i am going to leave this video from Casting Crowns as a reminder about garbage in, garbage out and hope that you will consider what you are putting in to your heart through music, TV, movies, internet and worship. as for the david crowder band, they have given us great stuff over the last 11 years and i pray that God will continue to use the gifts he has given them for his glory.

peace out man!


Reflections from Mother’s Day (& Daddy’s too)

so its a cloudy morning after mother’s day. listening to Gavin singing with the David Crowder*Band  - words not matching up which makes it really interesting

so what’s been on my minds lately? i’ve been wonder how to best pass on faith from generation to generation.  this spring i had a discovery sunday called intentional that had positive response from those who attended but we were small in number. part of my wrestling comes from a study of deuteronomy 6 verses 1 to 9. God thru moses is laying out the passing on of God’s Word from generation to generation which is to be done by parents and grandparents. i think the whole community had a piece to play in the whole thing but it really comes down to parents sharing the Word with their children and living it in their own lives.

long about the 16th century the church took over this role of passing on faith with the creation of sunday school. parents were off the hook for faith formation in their children. but study after study says that parents are the ones who have the greatest influence on the faith formation of their children, not the church community.

thinking back on my own life, it was my parents that had a huge influence on my faith formation. we simply did not miss church or sunday school during the school year. my brother and i learned that it was important because it was important for my parents. i can remember having devotions at home. actually, my memory of that is much stronger than reality. my memory says that we had devotions around the evening meal most every night growing up – my mom tells me it was much less frequent and only for a short period of time. this to me is a huge lesson for all parents – you don’t have to have major devotions that last for 30 minutes every night every year to have a major impact on your children. just doing the best you can to have devotions with your children, even if its just 5 minutes a few times a week or month will influence your children. added to that, if you make your faith life a priority and let your children see it, it will be a priority for them. and its never too late to start!

so my encouragement to you is live your faith in your children’s eyes. it will make a difference. spend time reading even just a couple of verses with them whenever you can. yes i would love for you to do it every night, but even in our home we don’t accomplish that. you can’t do everything      but i get you can do a bit more.    so try to read a bible verse each week with them, repeating it several times a week if you would like. ask them about their high and low for the day – you will learn a lot about your child this way. and close with pray with them, as simply as the “now i lay me down to sleep…” or use the Lord’s Prayer with them. 5 minutes, you have made an impression of faith on them that will carry with them into the future.

moms and dads are the key to passing on faith. God designed it this way and placed it in His Word to remind parents and grandparents of their special God-given role of sharing His Word with the next generation.  its not difficult and the eternal benefit is so great.   may you and your family be blessed in this gift of faith formation to His glory by the power of His Spirit!