The History of Our Savior Lutheran Church

Our Savior Lutheran Church Detailed Timeline (1983-Present)


  • As the population was growing in the early 80’s, there was a need for an additional LCMS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) church in the Minot area.
  • Originally, 7-8 local families from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church met for Sunday service in Edison Elementary School gymnasium hoping to gain momentum to grow Our Savior Lutheran Church (OSLC), a vibrant and relational church.
  • With the congregation showing so much promise, 5 acres of land was purchased and a building project was started from the North Dakota District. The new church building, located at the south end of Minot, was dedicated in 1986.
  • The church continued to grow and was alive with activity. By the end of 1994, attendance had greatly increased, providing traditional and contemporary worship service each Sunday.
  • Space was becoming an issue, so in September of 2000, a much needed addition was completed.
  • OSLC was seeing continued growth of approximately 100 new members per year, so in 2004 an education wing was added with 10 classrooms and a large gathering area.
  • With each step of faith the congregation grew.  In 2007, the Director of Music and Congregational Ministries position grew to become a full-time position and the Vicarage (Intern) program began.
  • In 2010, an additional full-time pastor was added to staff to enhance the growing youth program.
  • After several years of planning, Little Hands, Loving Hearts Child Development Center opened in January 2010, providing a much needed service in the community with a Christian-based curriculum.
  • Following Minot’s devastating 2011 flood, Our Savior Lutheran Church served as the city’s focal point for volunteers streaming in to help flood-ravished families.  Organizing and operating Hope Village, OSLC coordinated the work of nine national faith-based recovery organizations and managed 5200 volunteers from 42 states who rebuilt more than 540 flood-damaged homes for Minot families in need.