Words in blue are links to references from the Bible.

In the beginning, God created a perfect universe in which He placed humanity to Love Him and one another.

This one God is revealed to us in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This mystery of faith reveals one eternal holy infinite God of all truth and Love in perfect unity of each person, not to be confused in person, yet equally, eternally part of the godhead.


This perfect relationship of Love was shattered as sin, evil, and brokenness entered into the world.

This broken state is inherited by every member of humanity  and are incapable of rescuing (saving/redeeming) themselves from this brokenness.


The only answer to that brokenness is through Jesus, God’s perfect Son, the Savior.

As perfect 100% God (no sin or brokenness) while at the same time 100% man, Jesus entered history to show us what unconditional, perfect Love looks like. That Love found its greatest expression on the cross, where Jesus gave up His life in our place, on our behalf, so that all our sins are forgiven and through His resurrection from the dead three days later, we have a brand new life through faith in Him.


We have never done and never can do anything to earn this Love.

It is God’s free gift to us (grace).


We are called to Grow in faith and knowledge through time spent in God’s Word, the Bible.

We believe that the Bible is God’s perfect word to us, without any errors, delivered through the writers of the 66 books of the Bible. Together they tell the story of God’s actions in the history of His people that reaches a grand crescendo in Jesus and ends in eternity. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God continues to speak to us through the Bible to comfort us with the promise that God will continue to act in Love and grace in our lives.


As we Grow in our daily walk with Jesus, we are called to Live lives of thankfulness in Love to God and one another as we Go about our regular daily lives.

To aid us in our Growth, God has established the church (a people not a building) to equip others to Live as God’s children wherever they Go. As God’s special sons and daughters, we are to proclaim His saving acts in what we say and do in the place God has given us with the special talents (gifts) He has entrusted to us as everyday missionaries to a world broken and hurting.
We Live as people who still sin but seek to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us into what God has made us through Baptism – forgiven people. Along our journey, God also feeds us with the gift of Jesus’ body and blood shed on the cross in a mysterious way through bread and wine in the Lord’s Supper. These two acts of Love are referred to as “sacraments” – physical actions connected to God’s Word – that connect us to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in real ways assuring us our sins are forgiven and forgotten eternally by God so that we will live with Him for eternity.