Educational Opportunities

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Join us for Adult Bible Study each Sunday morning at 9:35 in the Great Room.


Ladies’ Bible Study

Ladies, do you long for a life of balance?  “We constantly hear from the experts about balanced lifestyles—that we need proper rest, nutrition and exercise.  It’s true enough that we need such things to maintain physical and mental health, but we also need spiritual balance.  How do we manage all of that and the challenges of daily life?  Only God can guide us toward the balance we desperately desire.  It starts with out hearts and this study will help us get there.”

All ladies are invited each Wednesday morning at 9:30 as we continue our Women of Faith series.


“Caring For One Another” Bible Study

You are invited to come to the church for a small group Bible study in Room 106.  “Caring For One Another” meets each Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. throughout the school year and is open to all men and women.

This small group Bible study is led by Dennis Oothoudt.  Along with the Bible study we “care for one another” through prayer and fellowship.  Please join us!!


“Foundations of Faith” Class

This 10-night class is one of the signature classes of Our Savior Lutheran Church. Be ready to understand the Christian faith engaging your heart and mind … taking you in a deep and practical way into the foundational truths of the Christian Faith.

One recent participant wrote:

“I couldn’t thank you enough for all you have taught me about Jesus, God and the Bible. I wish I was rooted here so that I could continue to learn from you as the years go by. I have been to many different churches and a handful of different bible studies and nothing compares to coming to OSLC and the amount of knowledge I have gained from it. It truly is just amazing! I just wanted to make sure you know how much you change people’s lives for the better. Many are indebted to you for the joy you bring in our lives.”

Using the book I Have Good News For You, you’ll answer questions like: “How can I know there’s a God?”; “Who is Jesus, really?”;  “What is heaven like?”; and everything in between!

This is a no obligation class! It is for non-members seeking to answer some of the deepest questions of their heart and for members who want to be challenged in their faith once again. For those who wish to continue on to membership in the OSLC church family, this class serves as the membership class for those who are without a church background, as well as those who come from a non-Lutheran background.

Use the form below to register for the next Foundations of Faith Class or click here to download a printable PDF form.


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