“myLife” – Pursuing a Fully-Devoted Life

The Christian faith isn’t simply about going to church on Sundays. It’s about more!  It’s about every aspect of one’s life being changed by the life-giving power of Jesus Christ.  It’s a life of discipleship.  It’s about learning how to walk with the Lord and understanding that God wants a living relationship.  But what does that mean? How does a person do it? This course helps a believer grow in the four phases of discipleship.  The 4-part course is called myLife.L2G2 circle

myLife with Jesus (G1) Course
myLife of Belonging (L1) Course
myLife in Ministry (L2) Course

myLife in Mission (G2) Course

The single most important thing about a church isn’t the bricks and the boards, it’s the people. And people growing toward a fully-devoted life to Jesus Christ is what we are about.

The myLife course takes a person through four phases of discipleship. It’s creating a path to help people grow to maturity in the Christian faith. It’s about a life changing relationship with the life changing God.

Using the key concepts of Love, Grow, Live and Go, myLife is perhaps a way for you to grow in faith!