Congregational Summary – August 25th Governing Board

On Tuesday, August 25th, OSLC’s Governing Board had their 3rd Quarter Meeting. At the meeting, the financial reports for the church and capital campaign were reviewed and approved.

There are three new staff changes. Pastor Andy officially started on the full-time payroll for Our Redeemer’s Christian School on August 10th.  Pastor Andy will continue part-time work at 8-10 hrs/week directing Youth Ministry at OSLC. Brittany Busch has also joined the part-time staff as Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Betsy Jones has also joined the part-time staff assisting the Governing Board and Pastor Krueger.

The nominating committee is working on the 2016 Slate of Nominees and will be discussed at October’s 4th Quarter Governing Board Meeting.

The Governing Board set the following policy to determine priorities for the expenditure of the Capital Campaign dollars:

First, the parking lot will continue to be a priority and paid off first. Secondly the Governing Board has decided that it does not want to pursue a bridge loan for new construction on the building updates. Instead, the Governing Board directs that the building committee wait until the pledge monies are collected before moving ahead with the actual action on building. Critical repairs to the building such as the front doors and flooring can be made in advance of the building updates. Funding for these critical items will come from the capital campaign dollars. Prices are to be received upon which the Governing Board can determine whether to withhold the advance parking lot payments and fund these immediate updates. The Governing Board will reserve the right to make the final cost decision on the timing of these two items.

The Building Committee is being directed to draw a plan that can exceed $200,000 with the focus on meeting the church’s building needs realistically for the next campaign in 2017-2018. Another Capital Campaign Drive should be planned to take place in the next 2-3 years.

By consensus, the Governing Board adopted the following “Vacancy Policy”:

Our Savior Lutheran Church pastors are encouraged to serve vacancy congregations within our region when asked to do so by District officials. This service requires extra time on the part of the pastor serving the vacancy and at the same time it also takes the pastor away from some OSLC duties. Recognizing this, the compensation from the vacant congregation for time served by an OSLC pastor shall be divided in equal parts between the pastor serving the vacancy and the OSLC congregation.

By consensus, the Governing Board adopted the following “Marriage Policy”:

The marriage policy of Our Savior Lutheran Church, a member congregation of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, is and always has been consistent with the Synod’s beliefs on marriage. We believe that marriage is a sacred union of one man and one woman (Gen. 2:24-25), and that God gave marriage as a picture of the relationship between Christ and His bride the Church (Eph.5:32). The official position of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, as set forth in 1998 Res. 3-21 (“To Affirm the Sanctity of Marriage and to Reject Same-Sex Unions”), is that homosexual unions come under categorical prohibition in the Old and New Testaments (Lev. 18:22, 24; 20:13; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; 1 Tim. 1:9-10) as contrary to the Creator’s design (Rom. 1:26-27). These positions and beliefs can be found on the LCMS website, along with other statements, papers and reports on the subject of homosexuality and same-sex civil unions and “marriage.” Our pastors will not officiate over any marriages inconsistent with these beliefs, and our church property may not be used for any marriage ceremony, reception or other activity that would be inconsistent with our beliefs and this policy.

Beginning discussions were held in regards to OSLC’s branding and obtaining a new large outdoor sign. The board is looking at bids and for new bids on the new sign, however there is no further action at this time.

The next Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting is planned for Sunday, November 8th with ballots at the conclusion of each worship service.

The Governing Board will be meeting again on September 12th from 9-11:30a.m. to set the strategic objectives for 2016.

PK’s Ministry Update

Give Your Relationships a Gift: “Love and Respect” Starts this Sunday!

The award winning marriage enrichment course, “Love and Respect” by Christian author, Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. EmersonLove and Respect Logo Eggerich, comes to OSLC right after Easter! With lots of one-of-a-kind helps, deep insight, and lots of laughter, Eggerich lets couples see themselves in the mirror as couples gain positive tools for fortifying their futures together.

The “Love and Respect” series begins this Sunday night, April 27th, starting at 6:00 PM.    Each one-hour session will be followed by discussion and helpful insights.  Make plans to attend.  It could be a great gift for your marriage!

OSLC New Member Sunday – April 27th

During our 9:30 service on Sunday we’re excited to welcome a number of new individuals and families into membership at OSLC.  Please take the opportunity to welcome these new people on Sunday.  We praise God for the wonderful church family that we have, the care and support that comes from God above, and for the new families and individuals that God has brought into our midst.  Please help us welcome: Michael and Eva Cordes, Waylon, Danielle, Lane and Savannah Delzer,Marvin and Inez Hackett, Perry, Kimberly and Andrew Johnson, James and Debra Lozensky, Adam, Ashley, Kennedy and Kambree Mickelsen, Keith Schilling, Jennifer Unke and Kelly Wolfe.

Deadline: Early-bird Camp Registration 



Save some money!  The early registration discount for Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads, our Christian Camp, is May 15th.  SHCR has camps for all ages … Youth, Young Adult, Kids, Grandparents Week, Horse Camps and more – all with opportunities to grow deepen faith and to grow in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ!  Check out the camp at and register today for the early bird discount!

Camp Pizza Ranch Fundraiser – This Monday!

On Monday night, April 28th, you can eat great pizza and help our camp!  Pizza Ranch of Minot is hosting a fundraiser for Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads.  20% of your bill and ALL the tips will go to support the ministries of our camp.  Great kids attend our camp and great blessings come from our camp.  Grab a Pizza Ranch form this Sunday from the fellowship hall and take part on Monday night!

The BIG Indoor Clean-up!

This is the Saturday for the BIG OSLC indoor clean-up!  Classrooms, closets, sanctuary, kitchen, carpets, windows … and a whole lot more are in the crosshairs!  Young or old, your help is needed!  We’ll start at 9:00 AM and go roughly to Noon.  The motto “Many hands make light work!” holds true for Saturday’s work.  Please make plans to take part.  Your help is greatly appreciated!



Registration: Cafe Chocolat

Ladies, are you ready for a chocolate-themed getaway where you can relax and find time to focus on God’s grace? Cafe
Chocolat is our two day women’s retreat happening May 16-18 at Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads!  Connection, reflection, laughter and fun are inshore for you. The cost is $100.  Register by May 4th for the OSLC Women’s Ministry Retreat!  Questions? Contact Bonnie at 852-6404.

OSLC Feasibility Study Report

Thank you to all 224 families that participated in the OSLC Ministry Feasibility Study!  As we look to the future, the results of this study will guide our leadership with important decisions affecting us all.  The report will be present to the leadership on Tuesday night, April 29th.  Congregation members will be able to receive a copy of the report and its findings on Sunday, May 11th.  Thank you for your continued support for the ministries of our church!


“Living Our Mission” Presentations THIS Sunday

Join Pastor Krueger on Sunday, THIS Sunday as he shares information on OSLC’s upcoming building and ministry expansion options.  A committee of OSLC leaders has been working since October to wrestle with parking lot, space, classroom, and new ministry ideas that Church 2025will direct our congregation into the future.  With the community of Minot set to double in population by 2020 these expansion options become exciting times for OSLC ministries to be on the leading edge of the local mission field.  There will be two presentations.  One at 9:45 AM and then one repeated at 12:10 PM.  Both will take place in the Great Room.  Pick the one that works for you and make plans to attend as we consider ways to improve ministry and touch hearts and lives in ever deepening ways with the transformational love of Jesus Christ.


A BIG Help for Homeless Men

The Men’s Winter Refuge, a homeless shelter for men, is in need of shift volunteers to man the shelter.  Available shifts are 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM; 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM.  If you have time to help please contact Jay at 701-721-5195, or Vince at 833-5085.  Volunteers are especially needed for Easter weekend.  


OSLC in the Minot Daily News for Easter

Sponsors are needed for this Easter’s Minot Daily News insert.  As we prepare to invite guest for Easter the Minot Daily news will be Printdistributing “OSLCnow”, a booklet featuring OSLC ministries and an Easter invitation.  The booklet will be distributed to 10,000 families in the Minot area on the Wednesday before Easter along with the regular pages of the paper.  You can help make this Easter outreach a success by being an “OSLCnow” sponsor.  Sponsors receive recognition in the “Sponsored by…” portion of the booklet.  Select a sponsorship amount that is right for you ($25, $50, $100, or $200) and help make the Easter invitation the beginning of a meaningful journey to faith for someone new to Minot.


Give Your Relationships a Gift: “Love and Respect” Comes to OSLC

The award winning marriage enrichment course, “Love and Respect” by Christian author, Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. EmersonLove and Respect Logo Eggerich, comes to OSLC right after Easter! With lots of one-of-a-kind helps, deep insight, and lots of laughter, Eggerich lets couples see themselves in the mirror as couples gain positive tools for fortifying their futures together.

The “Love and Respect” series begins Sunday night, April 27th, starting at 6:00 PM.    Each one-hour session will be followed by discussion and helpful insights.  Make plans to attend.  It could be a great gift for your marriage!


Give Us YOUR Insights!

The Board of Education in in the process of looking at our Sunday School and Wednesday night KFC programs.  We want your help!  There are two surveys online that we’d like you to complete as we look at improving our programming.  Please fill the surveys out whether you have children or not … whether they come and especially if they don’t!  Find them at:


Holy Week and Easter Schedules at OSLC

Palm Sunday – Join us for Palm Sunday, April 13th as the OSLC Choir presents the cantata, “Who Do You Say That I Am?”  The special concerts will take place during the 9:30 AM worship service and then is repeated at 4:00 PM, Sunday.

Maundy Thursday – Join your OSLC family for a “Seder Experience” on Thursday night, April 17th.  This special service will be in the Great Room and will include a “meal event” in which participants will experience the “flavor” of an Old Testament Seder.  It’s important to sign up so that the right amount of food can be supplied.  You’ll find the sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.

Good Friday – April 18th our OSLC Good Friday worship begins with a Crosswalk at 5:15 PM and the Good Friday Good Friday worship services at Our Savior Lutheran Church will take participants face to face with the most amazing act of sacrifice and love that has ever been made as Jesus suffered death so that all might experience life.  This very special service begins at 7:00 PM.  You’re invited to take part on Good Friday, 2014.

Easter Sunday – 6:30 AM Sunrise Service, 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00 Easter Celebration Services.  Four Services: Pastor Krueger at 6:30 and 9:30.  Pastor Andy at 8:30 and 11:00.  Join us for the celebration!

Don’t forget the Easter Breakfast - 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM


OSLC Mexico Mission Builds Two Homes Plus…

At a community known only as “Kilometer 30″ the OSLC team built two homes for impoverished families and replaced a roof filled with large holes. Fernando, his wife Catalina, and their four children lived in a 12 by 20 home made of cardboard boxes and shipping pallets. When it rained, the entire house became wet and the dirt floor turned into mud. The team built a 12 x 24 house for this family with real walls, a real roof, and a concrete slab for the floor.  Across the highway, the team build a home for an elderly couple who were also housing their children and grandchildren.  The extreme poverty did not allow them to repair their roof, which was


filled with holes up to two feet in diameter. Not only did the team build home for the family members, the team replaced the roof making the current home safe and dry once more.  It was a profound experience for team members.  The impoverished Mexican Christians truly put their trust in God for all things, and modeled that trust daily to our team members.  Food, shelter and safety, which we take for granted, were all things that they could receive through trust in God. And trusting in God, they displayed a profound sense of peace, joy, and contentment that could only come from God.  Truly the trip had a profound effect.  It changed the lives for some families living at “Kilometer 30″ and it most definitely change the lives of those OSLC members who went to serve.


“Living Our Mission” Presentation

Join Pastor Krueger on Sunday, March 30th as he shares information on OSLC’s upcoming building and ministry expansion options.  A committee of OSLC leaders has been working since October to wrestle with parking lot, space, classroom, and new ministry ideas that will direct our congregation into the future.  With the community of Minot set to double in population by 2020 these expansion options become exciting times for OSLC ministries to be on the leading edge of the local mission field.  There will be two presentations on March 30th, one at 9:45 AM and a second presentation at 12:10 PM.  Both will take place in the Great Room.  Pick the one that works for you and make plans to attend as we consider ways to improve ministry and touch hearts and lives in ever deepening ways with the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Update from Pastor Krueger

LHLH Fun Night!

Whether they’re LHLH students or OSLC Sunday School kids, BRING YOUR KIDS!  Make plans to join us under the Little Hands Loving Hearts (LHLH) “big top” for fun and games!  Friday, February 28th, from 6:30-8:30 PM here at OSLC.  This is your ticket for fun including cotton candy, hotdogs, balloon animals, face painting and a bouncy castle.  Circus costumes are welcome!  Games and activities will be appropriate for children 8 years and under!  It’s a blast!

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts!

Pastor Krueger’s highly rated course, Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts, will be offered March 14-15.  Getting married this summer? Make plans to attend!  This class is for you!  Gain helpful hints, great insights and other tools that will help toward making your marriage strong and rewarding right from the start!  There’s a $40 registration fee for materials.  Register early by email ( or by phoning the church office at 852-6404.  Reserve your space now.

Trivia Night

OSLC Youth are putting on another night of fun and trivia and competition!  On March 21, from 6-8 PM, you are invited to form a team and go head-to-head against friends and families of all ages!  (Non-OSLC teams are welcome as well!)  Cost is $5.00 per person, up to 8 people on a team.  If you don’t have a team, we can form teams that night.  Mark your calendars and join us for a great night!

New Ministry Opportunity

A new ministry at OSLC has a place for you!  We are searching for 6-8 people who enjoy taking photos or people who enjoy writing.  You could play a significant role in the future of our church simply by doing something you enjoy.  Contact the church office and find out more.

Wayne Bethke Breakfast Benefit

OSLC member Wayne Bethke was diagnosed with West Nile virus in September 2013 and has been hospitalized since then, leaving his body immobile.  Medical costs are significant.  The benefit is March 16, 2014 at the Newburg Senior Citizen Center, 10 AM to 2 PM.  You may also make a donation by check, payable to: Wayne Bethke Benefit Fund and mail to Tracey Bethke-Oja, 915-37th St. SE, Minot.  The family greatly appreciates all the love and support shown to them during this time!

Follow the OSLC Mission Team on Twitter

You can follow the OSLC Mexico Mission team all week long as they tweet pictures and events from Anapara, Mexico.  Working with the poorest of the poor in “city” built on a garbage dump, the 8 member OSLC mission team will construct two homes for families in need.  Search Twitter for: OSLCNOW and “Follow”.

Tracy Vormestrand Awalt Benefit

On Sunday, March 9th, right here at OSLC, you can assist Tracy’s family in meeting significant medical bills as Tracy battles a rare form of cancer called Thymoma.  It’s a Pancake Breakfast, silent auction and bake sale.  (Donations welcome!).  Tracy is wife to Todd, and mom to Jersey (11) and Jetta (5).  Your participation can is a huge help!  Make plans to attend.  A benefit fund is also set up through Prairie Federal Credit Union of Minot.






February 7, 2014 Ministry Update

OSLC Mexico Mission Trip – Wow!
2011 Mission Trip 1

Thank you to the OSLC church family for generous support.  A matching $1,200 challenge was placed before the congregation on Sunday morning and you responded with $3,200.00 in gifts.  These gifts will build one more house for a family living in the poverty of Anapara.  Anapara, Mexico is a town built on a garbage dump outside Juarez where poverty is unbearable.  This is the 9th time OSLC members have made this journey.  This February 22nd, your 2014 Mission Team will build two houses and give hope to two families in the name of Jesus.


Building Committee to Meet with Architect

OSLC Building Committee members began the process of identifying future space needs for our current property.  This is especially necessary as 2014 will see the reworking and repaving of our parking lot.  Since a building addition is around the corner (2015) it is wise to identify where new construction will take place BEFORE pavement is put down on the ground.  This way we won’t have to tear up pavement when new construction takes place.   In these initial conversations all future ministry areas are considered, everything from classroom space, to bathrooms, to multipurpose room space.  The architect will supply conceptual sketches in early March for the building committee to begin to process.  The full congregation will have opportunity for input as proposals take shape.  No building may however take place without the approval of the congregation’s voter’s assembly.

Capital Campaign Timeline Set

A timeline has been set for OSLC’s Capital Campaign. A Capital Campaign is a focused effort to raise funds for building and future ministry needs.  As our congregation grows this campaign will pay a pivotal role.  The timeline is as follows:  The Feasibility Studies will take place in March 2014. The Capital Campaign Preparation Phases will take place in April-May.  The Educational Phase will take place in June-August 2014, and the Capital Campaign Gifting Phase will take place in September of 2014.  Michael Davy of Mark Davy and Associates has been selected to be our consultant for the process.

Say Goodbye to the Mud!

The process continues to move ahead for this summer’s re-engineering and paving of OSLC’s parking lot.  Drawings have been completed and the project will be placed for bids for the upcoming summer’s construction season.  More than $86,000 has been raised for this project already by OSLC members.  When the bids come in, the OSLC membership will have the final say in moving ahead with the project through voter’s assembly action.

myLife – OSLC’s New Discipleship Program

Love; Grow; Live; Go.  These four components mark the life of the Christian and the path of discipleship as people follow Jesus Christ.  These four components also mark the four phases of OSLC’s new discipleship program called, myLife.  At this point, one-half of the units have been completed.  Watch for the roll-out in early April or May of this year.

PeopleCare Ministers Trained

Eight gifted OSLC members have been trained to serve our congregation in the capacity of a PeopleCare Minister.  A PeopleCare Minister directly assists the pastors with visitation and contact with our church family.  If you’re sick, recovering, moving through crisis, or just in need, OSLC’s PeopleCare Ministers have been trained to compliment the work of our pastors in order to offer the care and compassion of Christ in time of need.  On March 2nd our PeopleCare Ministers will be commissioned and will begin serving the OSLC church family.

 Roe Family Singers – February 16th

We’re going to send our Mission Trip Team down to Mexico with a big send-off on February 16th, and part of the send-off will include a a return concert by the bluegrass group, Roe Family Singers.  From 10:15 to 11:00 in the sanctuary we will have the opportunity to celebrate God’s work that will be done as the team leaves for Mexico, along with a concert for our church family.  Come take part in the celebration and enjoy the music of the Roe Family Singers once again at OSLC.

Ministry Update from Pastor Krueger

Winter Lock-In Grades 4-6

Grades 4 through 6, get ready for a great time!  It’s your lock-in, January 31st, 7:00 PM to February 1st at 8:00 AM.  Food, fun, games, and studying God’s Word.  What more could you want?  Bring a friend, your Bible, pj’s and sleeping bag for an overnight of fun.  Contact Deb Hoffmeyer for more information at 406-217-6540 or


Bottles for Babies – Dakota Hope Clinic

Take part this Sunday in OSLC’s “Bottles for Babies” Dakota Hope Clinic Fundraiser.

It’s easy for one to become scared, alone, fearful when there are questions about pregnancy, abortion procedures, adoption, parenting, and sexually transmitted infections, and more.  This is a time when the compassion and care of Christ offered through trained counselors can make a significant difference.  Services are confidential and free thanks to generous people like OSLC members.  Find out more at the Dakota Hope Clinic’s website:

Special Presentation – Holy Communion – January 18th

The Sacrament of the Altar: How Do We Use This Gift in Christ’s Church for Christ’s people? That’s what Rev. Dr. Jim Baneck, the North Dakota District’s LCMS president will be sharing with OSLC members and guests from our regional churches.  What do we practice?  What do we believe?  Please join President Baneck of the North Dakota District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod for a special presentation this Saturday, January 18th. Coffee and fellowship begin at 9:30 am, with the days event beginning at 10:00 am. Lunch will be served as we plan to conclude at 4:00 pm.



Foundations of Faith Class Begins

“I Have Good News For You” – Pastor Krueger’s Foundations of Faith Class begins on January 30th.  Is this the year to more deeply understand your faith?  Do you want to get a tighter grip on the powerful life-giving truths of the Bible?  Then make it a point to take part in the next Foundations of Faith Class.  Whether you’re a long time Christian or a person exploring the Christian faith, there’s something in this class for you!  You’ll find something rewarding as you join Pastor Krueger for this course.  Find out more.  Contact Pastor Krueger at


Generous People – Godly Blessings

Thank you to the generous people of OSLC!  As 2013 was drawing to a close a significant financial gap was bridged by both large and small gifts given to by God’s people.  Thanks to you, the 2013 budget for mission and ministry was met.  Each gift you give makes an impact through one ministry or another at OSLC.  Thank you for your support and the sacrifices that you make on behalf of our Lord Jesus.


OSLC Angel Tree Ministry Update

OSLC was one of 8,000 churches serving more than 375,000 children in our nation through the Angel Tree Ministry.  More than 50 ND families were directly impacted as our volunteers took part in purchasing and delivering Christmas Presents to children whose parents are incarcerated.  In some cases these gifts were the only gifts that a child was able to receive.  Thank you to all who participated this year.  Find out more about the Angel Tree at:

PK’s Book of the Week

Looking for answers to replace your tears? Check out Pastor Krueger’s book of the week, “God Will Carry You Through” by Max Lucado.  The same God who stepped in and rerouted history carries us through our struggles today.  Find out more at:



Congratulations: $880.00 Donated to Minot’s Homeless Coalition

It’s bitter; it’s cold, and homeless men and women have been assisted during this time by the generous gifts of OSLC members.  December’s Homeless Coalition offering came to $880.00 and was presented to the Minot Area Homeless Coalition earlier this month.  Thank you to all who generously supported this vital ministry.



Life Change – From OSLC’s Stephen Ministry

“Dear Bonnie,  Thank you for letting me borrow ______________ (OSLC Stephen Minister) to heal.  I pray she may bless someone else as she has been a blessing to me.  Can we do lunch?  There’s so much to tell.” – From an OSLC Stephen Ministry Care Receiver.

Pastor Krueger’s New Sermon Series

What does Jesus say about prayer?

How does it speak for our needs?

What difference does it make in our everyday living?

Join Pastor Krueger at the 9:45 am Worship service as he looks at the Lord’s Prayer beginning April 15th.




Will be repeated at the 8:30 and 11:00 am services beginning June 3rd.






Why Living Your Faith Matters…

“Our culture is starving for something.”  Those are the words that Hugh Smay writes in the book, “Tangible Kingdom.”  I agree, people are staving for something, they’re starving for a truly-living, life-giving, purpose-filled, genuinely-worth-living life.  In short, they’re longing for the life that Jesus gives.  Sadly, however, they see the lives lived by many Christians as being something that often makes it difficult for them to embrace the hope of Jesus.  I like what Smay says, “I think we should start by looking for ways to witness to this gospel by bringing tangible slices of heaven down to life on Earth, and continue to do this until those we’re reaching out to acknowledge that our ways [not simply our words] are “good news” to them.”  If you’re truly living the good news you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explain the theological aspects of the gospel.  But if we continue to lead off with the WORDS of the Gospel instead of the ACTS of the Gospel, we’ll continue to make it hard for people to connect with what we’re saying.”  When one studies the changing culture, they discover that a change has occurred.  No longer are people swayed by “logical” arguments of the faith.  Logical arguments are simply “blown off.”  What matters is, “Does it make a difference in your life, and will it make a difference in my life?”  In many ways this is exciting for those of us who hunger for people to come to faith in Jesus.  What it means is that, instead of having to pursue people, people will be drawn to us (believers) with curiosity and openness, because they want to know what makes us different.  Perhaps that’s why Jesus says, “Let your light shine before others that they might see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 6:16)

Christmas Blessings …

Christmas 2011 - Special thanks to Jamie at Otis & James Photography for the spectacular Christmas picture of the Our Savior Lutheran Church staff.  These Christmas cards will be in the January OSLC newsletter which will be coming out Dec. 20th.

As I view this beautiful card, I am reminded of the tremendous gifts that God in which surrounds my life.  In this case, I look at the staff Christmas card and give thanks to the Lord Jesus for such a great team of leaders to work with each day.  Truly they are a blessing to me personally.  Their love for the Lord Jesus, commitment to Christ’s mission, and personal faith are a blessing to many others as well.

Above all, they remind me of the greatest blessing that is mine this Christmas.  It is the gift of a precious Savior who loved me so much that He would leave his heavenly home, walk on this earth, bear the punishment for my sin and open a heavenly home for me.  This gift is the gift that changes everything.

More than anything else, my heart’s greatest desire is that all people come to know Jesus, His gift which is theirs to receive by faith, and the life that truly counts as they follow Him.

Christmas blessings to you!