OSLC Hope in the Flood of 2011

Dear Our Savior Lutheran Church,  My church family was very instrumental in helping Brianna and I to get evacuated during the flood.  Terry Voeller has been a special friend in helping to keep eye on the news and offering immediately for not only Brianna and me, but my 3 pets to come stay with her.  Pastor Voth called and advised that trailers were available and people available to help move.  Lisa Potts offered a place to stay, offered help, her van and a place to store our stuff.  Brent and Patti Detlaff came with a trailer and 2 vans to move stuff. Patti called the day after the evacuation to check how we’re doing and to help with moving back when we get the ok.   We couldn’t have got all my stuff out of the basement without the help of my church friends.  It’s great to know that we can count on my church family as my biological family was too far away to get here to help.  Kim Martin also offered a place to stay and Brianna and I (and pets) will be going to Kim’s sometime this weekend as Terry will also be taking in Barb Bethel.  Terry has taken in another friend of hers so has a houseful!!  What a great church family to have!

I keep looking for the good in this situation as I keep having a phrase from this song playing in my head which is  “God is good, all the time”.    The good is knowing the people you can count on, spending time with friends in prayer, sharing meals and getting to know each other better.  We know we are not alone!  Stuff can be replaced but good friends are hard to find and are priceless!

A friend in Christ,

Gayle Balster